Web Express Expresses their Social Purpose — Through Rap

Blog post was written by Monika Marcovici, Purpose Strategist, Social Purpose Institute.
June 15, 2021

Legendary rapper Abdominal created a rap manifesto about #Democracy and #FreedomofthePress that stands up to lyrical, musical, ethical, and logical scrutiny. The Toronto rap artist created a rap about International Web Express Printing & Mailing’s Social Purpose: We exist to Empower Liberty, Democracy and Community through Freedom of Expression.

This has been a tough year for many independent businesses, including Web Express. Byron Sheardown, CEO of the Coquitlam-based independent newspaper, digital printing & mailing company, was down 40% in annual revenue as his customers, many of whom are local publishers of ethnic and community newspapers, had to halt printing during the pandemic. 

In order to keep the company on a positive track, he leaned heavily on the company’s Social Purpose.  Despite difficult times, IWE loaned out their hybrid 1-ton truck to non-profits which enabled them to deliver thousands of kilograms of perishable food to families in their community that were in need. 

In a quest to further support diverse communities, company “Pizza Days” are being upgraded to “Pizza Plus” Days, featuring food from the local community, the first of which were Samosa’s proudly hand made by a Web Express employee.

In support of lifting up his staff’s spirits and reminding employees, customers and suppliers and other community members why the company exists, Web Express participated in a campaign launched by New York rap artist Baba Brinkman that features artists from all over North America, rapping about societal issues.

In this misinformation age, don’t forget about the independent journalists, publishers and printing presses that empower community newspapers to serve their local readerships with un-hackable, unfiltered news.

“Brilliant. Hard-hitting. Inspiring to see what IWE stands for and against via this compelling interpretation of the reason you are in business!”- Coro Strandberg, Advisor to the Social Purpose Institute.

There’s nothing quite like Event Rap, where you can commission an artist to make an original informative rap video that, in the words of one commenter “doesn’t feel like a commission, feels like your interests merely coincide”.

Made with support from International WEB Express: https://www.intwebexpress.com

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