Raise your “Purpose Voice” in the Federal Government Budget Consultation

The federal government is mapping out a $100 billion recovery plan. Finance Canada is inviting people to share priorities for Budget 2021. This is an opportunity to accelerate social purpose in business by encouraging the government to adopt measures to stimulate a purpose-driven economy. Please take five minutes to complete the questionnaire and consider including, adapting, or tailoring the following ideas in your response. (Questions 6 and 7 are open-ended, the others are multiple-choice questions.) The deadline to complete the survey is February 19.

Question 6: What would you like to see in the federal budget: Provide programs and funding to support intermediaries helping businesses adopt a social purpose / societal purpose as the reason they exist. Businesses that have a societal purpose as the reason they exist are more profitable, inspire employees and customers, create stronger communities and benefit the environment. Measures that advance a Purpose Economy are the best investments in our future.

Question 7: How can the federal government help you or your community: Provide programs and funding to support intermediaries like the United Way of the Lower Mainland’s Social Purpose Institute to accelerate social purpose in business. Coming out of COVID we have an opportunity to create a Purpose-Driven Economy in which business and regulatory and financial systems foster an equitable, flourishing, resilient future. If intermediaries are provided funding and support they can accelerate this idea in business. These measures will create the pathway for our communities and economy to thrive in the future.

Purpose-Led Economy

Business and Civil Society Leaders Call for a Purpose-Led Economy

In February and again in the summer of 2020, the Social Purpose Institute, Junxion and GLOBE teamed up to advance the Social Purpose Business Movement and draw attention to the growing opportunity to build back a better economy by investing in a purpose-led economy

There has been considerable interest in our effort to champion a Purpose-Led Recovery and Economy, with the three partners, above, holding a sold-out virtual workshop in August 2020 to discuss with Canadians how to advance this concept in Canada. (You can read the summary here).

We welcome your input, your ambassadorship and your endorsement of this idea! Read about the Purpose-Led Economy Declaration below and sign your name to the end of this form. Click here to see the latest list of signatories.

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