SPI welcomes Social Purpose Strategist

Scaling Social Purpose in Business across Canada and Beyond

The team is growing!

Later this month, Social Purpose Institute will be welcoming a new Social Purpose Strategist – Monika Marcovici

I’ll become part of a small but mighty pioneering team that is nurturing, growing and scaling Social Purpose in business across Canada and beyond.

This role is the perfect fit for me, not only because I am passionate about helping businesses to discover and implement Social Purpose in their companies, but because I feel that my very varied and diverse background have prepared me exactly for this position.

For Monika, Social Purpose matters. Here’s an excerpt from Monika’s article announcing career move to join the Social Purpose Institute:

“After all those years working in the sustainability field, I learned there is no hope that a business will implement sustainable business practices if there is no real passion or motivation to do so by the company management and employees. Simply ticking the “sustainability box” will never lead to meaningful change, the kind of change that is needed today, as we face what is possibly the biggest crisis in the history of humankind. Scientists tell us that we have a 12-year window to take action, so there is no time to waste, it’s time to get to work.

“As humans, we all want our life (and our work) to contribute somehow in a meaningful way. Every business can do this, as impossible as it may seem, whether they need to adjust their business model and relationship to their stakeholders a little, or a lot, or maybe not at all.

“The magic of taking part in an SPI cohort is that it allows one to get at the very root of the positive social and environmental contribution that a business makes in the world, to its community, customers, employees, and so on. While many businesses may have a general idea about what that is, few have a clear Social Purpose statement that is embedded in their business.

“Yet doing this can be one of the most profound and uplifting experiences for a business as well as on a personal level. Every decision, every employee’s day-to-day work, every customer request, no matter how seemingly mundane, takes on new meaning and relevance. 

“The experience of entrenching the company with its primary purpose, making it part of the very fabric and DNA of the business is a game changer. It can lead to the discovery of new markets, partnerships, products, and innovation; increased visibility in the marketplace, increased ease of hiring talent, increased employee job satisfaction, quality of work, and company loyalty.

And it’s just plain more fun working for a Social Purpose Business.

“Once a business becomes passionate about making meaning, and perhaps taking its stakeholders along with in, the social purpose provides a compass for making the operational changes that are necessary and possible to firmly embed its vision.”

Read Monika’s full announcement here.

We are excited to work with Monika and can’t wait to continue growing business for good.

Social Purpose Strategist

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