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of Canadian consumers believe companies should show how their products and services make the world better.
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of Canadian consumers believe business needs to place equal weight on society's interests as on business' interests.
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of executives agree that a social purpose helps their company navigate today's turbulent environment.
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Purposeful business outperformed other companies by 206% in the stock market between 2006 and 2016.

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Click here to access our checklist developed to help Social Purpose business leaders respond to the COVID crisis.

Social Purpose 101 Primer

 Our Social Purpose 101 Primer equips you to participate in the Propelling Purpose Summit 2021. Click here to access it.



SP Business Case and Workbook

As society faces challenges including rising inequality, pandemics, recognition of systemic racism, accelerating climate change and resource scarcity, stakeholders increasingly look to business to play a stronger role in society. There are growing demands from a new generation of employees for meaningful work and declining levels of trust in companies and their leaders. Having a social purpose can help companies navigate through marketplace changes and thrive in a disruptive era. To foster success during these uncertain times, businesses can advance beyond ‘do less harm’ approaches to work for the public good, becoming a generative force for positive change.

Use this workbook to review all the benefits and identify which ones are most desirable and relevant to your company. Each section has a set of questions to help you think through the business case for your organization. Use the space provided to draw your own conclusions and prepare your ideas for a future business case presentation

Turning Social Purpose Dialogue and Vision into Action, Creating a Purpose-Led Economy

Accelerating Social Purpose in Business: GLOBE 2020 Advance Recommendations

In February 2020, the Social Purpose Institute convened the first ever Social Purpose Advance session in partnership with GLOBE on the topic of Accelerating Social Purpose in Business – focused on how to jump-start the social purpose ecosystem in Canada. We are pleased to introduce the results of this GLOBE session, which include powerful actions we can all take – to promote an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient economy by championing Social Purpose Business.

Read the 2-page summary and the full report to find ways you can contribute to foster social purpose in business to result in a Purpose-Led economy. We invite you to join the movement to create a Social Purpose Economy in Canada and beyond.

Policy Recommendations to Accelerate a Purpose-Led Recovery

Read the full report to find ways you can call upon governments to accelerate a purpose-led recovery.

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