Today is a significant day…

By Mary Ellen Schaafsma, Director, Social Purpose Institute

Eight Social Purpose Innovators have defined and articulated each of their Unique Social Purpose

Today is a significant day. Another group of eight visionary companies are celebrating that they have defined and clearly articulated their own, unique Social Purpose.

We, at the Social Purpose Institute are so pleased and proud to recognize:

  • Chandos
  • Deep Cove Kayak
  • Return-It (Encorp)
  • Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration
  • Recycling Alternative
  • Royal Printers
  • Salt Spring Coffee
  • Traction on Demand

These are amazing and rare companies that defined their Social Purpose during a global pandemic by completing the Social Purpose Innovators program. Not only are they crystal clear on why their company exists, but they are first to have completed the journey of getting there during these unprecedented times.  We know from others who have adopted a social purpose before them that their Purpose will serve as their North Star in the coming months and years. 

We also know that these companies will reshape the world. Society needs more companies like them. We thank them for staying the course in this historical time of crisis and change.

Let’s pause and take in the significance of this moment: there are eight more companies whose very reason for being – why they exist – is to make the world a better place. Imagine the power of this as social purpose in business grows into a groundswell of companies who see that their role is not apart from society, but an integral part of a thriving society for all! As we get through this pandemic and into recovery at the other side, Purpose companies can lead the way in creating healthy, caring, and inclusive communities and a sustainable future for all. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to these eight companies!

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