Social Purpose Executive

Social Purpose Executive Roundtable

Advancing social purpose in business through leadership, dialogue and influence.

The Social Purpose Executive Roundtable is for senior business leaders (VPs, C-suite, CEOs) who want to be on the cutting edge of the social purpose movement. This program will help you better understand what it means to be a Social Purpose Business, interact with other social value business leaders, learn what others are doing, determine and collaborate on moving these ideas forward as a group.

This is a unique opportunity to come together in an open dialogue with other leaders who, like you, are committed to advancing social purpose in business. The Social Purpose Executive Roundtable has been designed with the central focus on social purpose to connect you with other innovators, inspire you with new ideas and share challenges— and solutions— that occur when shifting a business model like this.

This is where social purpose champions are made.


Program Highlights

This network includes four half-day meetings per year with other executive leaders in social purpose. Each meeting will be facilitated by an expert and the agenda will be co-created by the group. Discussion areas may include:

  • Future social trends / risks / opportunities that will impact the viability of business in the region and inform corporate social purpose strategies, e.g. sharing economy, social isolation.
  • The business case and building the Social Purpose Business metrics – of both business success and social impact.
  • Develop and promote a ‘Big Social Purpose Vision’ for the region and tie that to what it means for business– both yours and your colleagues’.
  • Learn from case studies about how other companies have pursued social purpose and begin to create new opportunities within your cohort.
  • Enhancing leadership and creating champions to build social purpose regionally and nationally.

Lead your company to become a Social Purpose Business today.

What Social Purpose Executive Roundtable Participants are saying

“A good, positive collaboration is key for this to work. We want to connect with others, not do this in isolation, and help build the metrics of how to move this forward.”

“Social Purpose is just good business. We consider that to be a truth”. “I came today to learn about how others are integrating social aspects into their businesses – we need to be doing more as businesses, especially for attracting the millennials. The ‘why’ is important to them, they need to know they are in their job beyond the profits.”

““[We] need a catalyst organization to open up dialogue – less regulatory, more community building – it shifts the dialogue in a fundamental way. We want to think ‘Innovation’!”