Social Purpose Professional Development

For Leaders, Employees, Teams, and Individuals

Social purpose companies seek to embed their social purpose in everything they do. In order to successfully pursue this goal, they need to upgrade the competencies of their leaders, staff, and teams to understand what a social purpose means, why it’s important, what it means to the business, and how to embed it in roles, functions, teams and individual performance objectives.

The United Way BC Social Purpose Institute has a suite of standard and custom professional development tools to suit every learning development need in your organization, no matter its size or industry. Benefits to social purpose training include: increased agility, innovation, internal alignment, employee engagement, and strategic vision.

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Our Solutions

Having an authentic social purpose benefits both business and society (people and planet), helping to build more resilient and prosperous communities. Our social purpose professional development offerings can be standardized yet flexible to the needs of your business, with programming tailored to your organization’s unique circumstances and requirements.


Social Purpose 101 provides an overview of social purpose; what it is, why companies are pivoting to purpose, the competitive advantage purpose provides and the larger and local context for the growth of the social purpose economy.

Delivered virtually, this workshop is designed for CEO’s, executive teams, employees, or any professional interested in learning more about social purpose in business.

• The definition of social purpose
• The business benefits of having a social purpose
• Practical examples of social purpose
• How your company social purpose can help grow the business
• How to be a company Champion of Purpose


For companies seeking an expedited approach to social purpose, the United Way BC Social Purpose Institute provides a condensed version of SPI’s Innovators and Implementers Programs through executive coaching. Aligned with the company’s own schedule, the company chooses employees in leadership positions to be trained in defining the organization’s social purpose and creating a unique implementation plan.

Whether you seek to upgrade your leader and employee knowledge and awareness of social purpose, equip your staff teams to apply your social purpose in their roles and functions, or engage your employees in your social purpose journey, our Executive Coaching options can help.

This service is designed for businesses that have specific needs and or requirements that lie outside SPI’s standard core program details. To learn more, connect with us at

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