Social Purpose Innovators


Social Purpose Innovators is a unique experience developed by the Social Purpose Institute to help businesses uncover or refine their core, societal reason for being.

  • Cohort: Learn, network, and collaborate with a cohort of 4 to 10 values-based businesses.
  • Length & Delivery: 5 virtual 3-hour lab sessions over 8 months.
  • Participants: Up to 3 participants per business.
  • Tools: Social Purpose Innovators toolkit, curated reading and materials, and purpose ideation assignments.
  • Experience: Facilitated by Social Purpose Strategists, learn from subject matter expert guest speakers, receive peer mentorship from alumni and collaborate in a peer-learning cohort.

A Rapidly Growing Trend In Business

The evidence is growing: businesses that adopt a Social Purpose at the core of their business model are performing better in terms of market growth, customer value, and employee engagement. Social Purpose is a quickly emerging business driver – it helps companies stand out from their competitors and opens new opportunities to grow the company.

It equips your company to weather turbulent times and manage the disruption of a changing world. The Social Purpose guides decision-making drives competitive advantage and creates resilience.

Program Highlights

Social Purpose Innovators is a cohort-based, strategy-focused, intensive program that includes a mix of expert and peer-to-peer learning, collaborating, and hands-on work – both in and between sessions. Participant partners from each company work together to prepare for each session, present results of their learnings, and work with other organizations (non-competitors) to brainstorm go-forward approaches to help them define and refine their unique Social Purpose.

Social Purpose Innovators

What Social Purpose Innovator Participants are saying

“As a multi-generational family business, we have experience driving change throughout our organization to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment. The United Way Social Purpose Institute’s Innovators program provided the roadmap we were looking for to define our social purpose and invaluable peer feedback and support to kick start us on our social purpose journey.” – Liz McBeth, President, Armour Valve Ltd.

“This was such an impactful process. The Traction on Demand purpose was always felt but the journey to mine it from who and what we have become, put it into words and then validate it against our strategic vision was so powerful. Thanks to the SPI team, the incredible organizations that took this journey with us and those who paved the way before us. Purpose = Potential. #WasteNoPotential.” – Chris Peacock, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Traction on Demand.