Social Purpose Innovators

Social Purpose Innovators

Activating your business’ unique social purpose, creating progress and growth.

Social Purpose Innovators is a unique program to help companies articulate, define or hone their best-fit social purpose. It has been designed to deliver the maximum benefit to your business. Tailor-made to meet the needs of organizations like yours, this part-time program is broken into a series of sessions delivered over one year. The experience is one of peer collaboration with senior leaders from five to seven values-based businesses, using expert facilitation and tools to explore the Social Purpose Business Model for your company. It is a proven model that meets the needs of businesses as they move through the process to adopt, adapt and tailor their own unique social purpose.


Who Should Attend?

Join us if you are a visionary leader and want to be at the cutting edge of this business innovation. The tools, knowledge and resources you’ll get access to will help you lead your company to long-term success – not only through products, services and profits, but through your leadership in helping tackle local issues and improving the communities we all share.

Program Highlights

Social Purpose Innovators is a cohort-based, strategy-focused, intensive program that includes a mix of expert and peer-to-peer learning, collaborating, and hands-on work – both in and between sessions. Participant partners from each company work together to prepare for each session, present results of their learnings, and work with other organizations (non-competitors) to brainstorm go-forward approaches to help them define and refine their unique social purpose. Two consistent participants per company are required.

Social Purpose Innovators includes four 4-hour lab sessions. It also requires several hours of preparatory work between each session to research, ideate, define and create your organization’s own social purpose.

Two cohorts of Social Purpose Innovators are offered per year (early Spring and Fall) to a limited number of participating organizations.

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What Social Purpose Innovator Participants are saying

“In business today it is critical to be able to tell your business’ ‘story.’  The United Way’s Social Purpose Innovators Lab was an excellent process for us to reflect on, and refine, our story and how we fit into what is happening in the world around us.”

“Defining our social purpose at first was a daunting idea, … especially for a small company like ours. Once engaged in the process I found the steps taken revealed a much deeper and fulfilling journey as we learned about and from our employees, customers and suppliers. I believe defining our Social Purpose will strengthen us as a company from the inside out.”

“I found that the group dynamic adds a valuable dimension to the learning in the sessions… It was enlightening to learn about other businesses and their approach to finding their social purpose. Many ideas and insights were sparked during the company presentations and ensuing discussions.  Reviewing and discussing the frameworks with another company was useful. “

“It was a wonderful session and we are excited to be embarking on this journey. The expertise and guidance is immensely helpful, as are the other participating businesses. Case studies and practical examples provide great understanding. I was somewhat anxious before attending the first meeting and although I realize we still have a ways to go, I feel much more confident on the process and guidance available to us. Thank you to Mary Ellen and Coro for their insights.”