Social Purpose Implementers

Social Purpose Implementers

Walk the talk and fully implement your social purpose. 

Social Purpose Implementors is a unique program developed by the Social Purpose Institute at United Way to help business identify the steps to fully implement and live their purpose. This year-long program is designed for companies that already have a social purpose and wish to participate in a hands-on workshop-based design and innovation lab. The Implementers attend half-day sessions held quarterly, with self-administered homework and projects to be completed by the company in between.


Who Should Attend?

Join us if you are a visionary leader that has recently articulated your coimpany’s social purpose. The intent of this program is to fully embed a company’s Social Purpose into their work. Having a Social Purpose is more than a charitable or corporate social responsibility strategy – it helps the company operate at a new level, yielding new business benefits. We will walk through each business through four key steps to develop their implementation plan.

Program Highlights

By the time you finish this program, you will have built a Social Purpose into your core business and be able to use all your assets: your products, brand, relationships and team to advance your Social Purpose.

Your strategy, brand experience, processes, technology, culture and structure will be delivering your Purpose – it will inform your strategy as well as your strategic and operational decision-making.

Don’t miss out!

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