Social Purpose Implementers Program


You’ve defined your social purpose, and now it’s time to implement it.

Social Purpose Implementers is designed to help businesses create their own unique Implementation Plan so they can begin to embed their defined social purpose across their operations, relationships, and everyday practices.​ Organizations participating in this program are required to have an established and authentic social purpose statement acquired either through SPI’s Innovators Program, or have a fully developed and authenticated social purpose statement agreed upon by the business’s leadership team.

Throughout the program, participants receive one-on-one support from SPI staff, access to ‘Office Hours’, and hear from industry leaders and Guest Speakers during the lab sessions.

Lab 1 – Introduction

  • Review the steps required to properly embed a social purpose throughout an organization’s business model and introduction to individualized Social Purpose Implementation Plans.

Lab 2 – Plan

  • Begin creating the structure of a Social Purpose Implementation Plan and discuss how social purpose informs strategy development and operational decision making.

Lab 3 – Embed

  • Highlights social purpose leadership qualities, and the importance of employee inclusion and engagement in implementing social purpose throughout organizational departments.

Lab 4 – Engage

  • Looks at how businesses can mobilize their customers, collaborate with stakeholders, and foster innovation to support the success of their social purpose.

Lab 5 – Learn

  • Participants spends time on supporting each cohort’s members Implementation Plan, facilitated discussions on metrics and reporting, and preparation for final lab presentations.

Lab 6 – Activate

  • Participating business present their Implementation Plan to the cohort, both offering insights as to where, when, and how they will focus their efforts, and how their work can influence the industries and communities they serve.

What Participants are Saying

“One of the most remarkable outcomes of the Social Purpose Institute Program in my view is the impact it had on individual participants. Our team members who have undergone the journey have emerged as empowered leaders with a renewed sense of purpose. As a result, our organization devoted two full-time roles to support our transformation and enable our ability to innovate and tackle challenges creatively, which we see as a crucial skill in an ever-evolving societal/technology landscape.”

Eliana Trinaistic – Director of Social Purpose, Impact and Culture, MCIS Language Solutions

“BCLC participated in Implementers and found the experience to be invaluable.  The discussions and exercises helped us take a disciplined approach to embedding our social purpose and learn from others as they took the same journey. I highly recommend it as an important step in any company’s social purpose journey.”​

– Peter ter Weeme, Former Chief Social Purpose Officer and VP, Player Experience, BCLC

“Collaborating with the SPI team, especially during the Implementers cohort, was transformative for our organization. Their guidance not only helped us realign with our core purpose but also provided a clear roadmap to achieve our goals. Tessa and her team fostered a collaborative environment that was instrumental in ensuring our success. Their approach ensured that our purpose was deeply embedded and resonated throughout our entire organization. We are immensely grateful for their expertise and support.”  

Trevor Burns, Senior Marketing Manager Pro-Claim Group