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Golden Nuggets: Purpose-led Disruption Panel

In the time of COVID, Social Purpose in Business is more important than ever. Business leaders are increasingly pivoting towards purpose to positively impact not only their community, but all stakeholders. After all, a Social Purpose business is business for good 

Last week, Mary Ellen Schaafsma, Director of the Social Purpose Institute, led an insightful discussion about Purpose in Business. The online event was hosted by United Way Calgary and The Social Impact Lab, and the digital room was filled with eager participants, all looking to learn more about the idea of Social Purpose in Business and how it can be a positive disruption to business as usual. 

Though these are “turbulent” times for business leaders, time and again, we hear of inspirational stories of purposeful pivots that business are taking, by leaning on their Social Purpose. That is why it is essential to have this discussion on how Purpose can be used to navigate through the pandemic. 

The webinar also brought together two inspirational business leaders who are in the middle of defining their own Social Purpose for their respective companies: 

Both companies participating in the Social Purpose Innovators program to help them define their unique, best-fit Social Purpose. 

Each panelist dove deeper into the reasons their companies sought to develop a Social Purpose. Their insights provided value to a virtual room full of leaders hoping to make their own pivot towards Purpose. We can’t give you everything, but here are some of the golden nuggets from an afternoon full of inspiring thought leadership. 

Check out the full webinar here!

How has Social Purpose helped your company respond during the COVID19 pandemic? 

We wanted to paint a picture for how these business leaders have been leaning into their Purpose to respond to unprecedented times:

How can having a Social Purpose help accelerate your company post-COVID and beyond? 

There is going to be an “after” to this COVID pandemic. Businesses need to be cognizant of how they are showing up now, and how their Purpose will guide them as they make day-to-day decisions:

“We use Social Purpose as a North Star and a way to validate our decisions. Like everyone else, we transformed overnight – becoming remote and distributed. Looking at our Social Purpose helps us respond to new challenges, and will continue to. We consistently ask ourselves, ‘should we be doing this?’ “

Chris Peacock, CMO, Traction on Demand

Is this a good time to get started with the process of developing a social purpose? 

Business leaders everywhere can choose to start the process of developing a Social Purpose for their business – but there are a few things to consider when making that decision. Chris shared some insights about what he’s learned through Traction on Demand’s journey: 

“I think this is a great time to ask yourself questions about Social Purpose, and question: ‘how does it work in this context [of COVID19]?’ This question is difficult to answer in a benign environment. So, I’m not saying it’s gonna make your life easier in the short term, but I think it’s a great time to really start thinking about these big questions.”

Mike Schilling, CEO, Community Savings Credit Union

Did you miss out? 

The Social Purpose in Business movement is growing every day. The current pandemic has shone a light on the need that that currently exists for businesses to work with Purpose at their core. The businesses that are not only surviving, but thriving, during and after COVID will be the ones with an embedded Social Purpose at their core.

We are grateful to Chris and Mike for sharing their insights with us last week. We’d like to provide moreopportunities to learn and get involved in the rapidly expanding Social Purpose movement. That’s why we will be hosting more events like this in the future.  

SPI will soon be offering a free webinar about the importance of Social Purpose in Business. For the latest information about when and where – subscribe for updates. 

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