Our Partners

Our social purpose of Building Better Futures Together is our reason for being. It informs the decisions we make and is at the heart of every member, employee, and community partner interaction we have. It’s our North Star for how we create impact. We’re proud to partner with United Way BC’s Social Purpose Institute in growing business for good as it not only contributes to the fulfillment of our purpose but fosters real and lasting social change through building better futures, together.


The Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) and the Social Purpose Institute have entered a unique and strategic partnership to make Burnaby the centre of excellence for the growth and development of social purpose led organizations in Burnaby.

This marks the first-ever partnership between a chamber of commerce to promote Social Purpose in business and opens the door to an acceleration of the movement and adoption of social purpose practices within Burnaby.

The Burnaby Board of Trade has long been a leader of social, economic and environmental sustainability and this partnership signals the next step in integrating purposeful leadership into the DNA of Burnaby’s business community.

The Social Purpose Institute, located in Burnaby, and the BBOT have had a longstanding relationship and this partnership offers the opportunity to incubate and grow social purpose as an emerging and growing business trend where companies define their reason for being in social terms and place it at the core of their operations offering them competitive advantage and building shareholder value.

With Burnaby businesses representing the largest cohort of participating businesses, this collaboration offers the opportunity to have Burnaby define and grow social purpose excellence, in Burnaby, and to communities throughout Canada and internationally.

– For more on the Burnaby Board of Trade, please visit their website.

– For more information about Social Purpose, your journey starts here!

– Interested in learning more about how this partnership can benefit you, as a Burnaby company? Contact the Social Purpose Institute at engage@socialpurpose.ca and spend some time exploring our website!

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