Every Week is Purpose in Business Week 

By Lauren Stanton Nixdorf, Operations Coordinator, United Way Social Purpose Institute

Mar 10, 2022

During November 15-19, 2021, the United Way Social Purpose Institute (UW SPI) and partners kicked off the first-ever Purpose in Business Week and joined Social Purpose Champions across Canada in generating a national conversation around all things Social Purpose and helping mainstream this concept in business.  

In the run-up to the first national dialogue on social purpose business, Propelling Purpose Summit 2021, UW SPI encouraged organizations or individuals to make a purpose-related announcement via their social channels during the week and use the hashtag #PurposeinBusinessWeek. Announcements could include a white paper or research release, initiative, commitment, policy, activity, partnership, or simply the declaration of an organization’s support for Social Purpose in business.  

To jump-start the purpose dialogue, City of Vancouver and City of Burnaby Mayors proclaimed “Purpose in Business Week” and their support for social purpose business to start, transition and grow – creating a virtuous circle of positive social and business benefits in their communities.  

They were the first jurisdictions in the world to declare “Purpose in Business Week”! 

Purpose Resources 

To celebrate #purposeinbusinessweek”, purpose champions released the following resources on Purpose Governance, Purpose Academic Literature, and Purpose Value Creation drivers: 

Purpose Podcast: Governance Professionals of Canada 

Introduction to Purpose Governance: What boards and governance professionals need to know 

Purpose Research: Lee-Chin Institute at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto 

Review of Emerging Academic and Practitioner Literature on Corporate Purpose 

Purpose Report: Baker Tilly Corporate Finance 

The Value of Social Purpose: How to Receive Value for your Values 

Purpose Socials 

With close to 200 uses of the #PurposeinBusinessWeek hashtag and thoughtful engagement throughout our community of purpose champions, we are excited this annual campaign sparked dialogue to further shape the Purpose Economy. Click here to read Canada’s Purpose Economy Roadmap and learn more about the growing Purpose Economy movement. 

We look forward to amplifying social purpose in business with all of you in the months and years ahead to build a movement for business as a force for good. Every week is #purposeinbusinessweek. 

Looking to start your social purpose journey? Reach out and connect with us!  

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