Coast Capital Applauds Innovator Graduates Social Purpose Journey

By Tessa Vanderkop, Social Purpose Strategist, United Way Social Purpose Institute

May 06, 2022

The United Way BC Social Purpose Institute marks another milestone with the graduation of eight businesses in the Innovator program’s fourth cohort, an innovative, year-long program that helps businesses uncover and define their “social purpose”. Uncovering your social purpose or your “why” for existing as a business is the first and foundational piece to becoming a purpose driven business.

Congratulations to Image Group, Pure Integrative Pharmacy, Interior Savings. Miller Titerle & Company, MCIS Language Solutions, Briteweb, Public Design and Better Workplace for their tenacity, hard work and leadership in completing the program and helping to lead the growth of the purpose economy in Canada.

They join forty other alumnus companies who have completed Social Purpose Institute’s programs, eight of whom were recently recognized by Corporate Knights’s first report The Social Purpose Transition Pathway: Helping Companies Move from “Say” to “Do”.

Maureen Young, Vice-President of Social Purpose at Coast Capital, offered insight and support to the cohort during their final session.

“I know what a difficult journey it is to land just the right statement and it is such a critical step in the social purpose journey, which actually is just beginning”, said Maureen Young, Vice-President, Social Purpose at Coast Capital, who offered her insight and support to the cohort during their final session Tuesday. “It’s so well worth it, and the world needs it.  The past year alone has made it abundantly clear that the old ways of doing business don’t cut it anymore…we need our corporate entities, our companies, our businesses to be that engine for good. I cannot wait to hear more about where your journeys will take you and all that you are going to accomplish. Congratulations and kudos to you all!”

Coast Capital, an alumnus of the Social Purpose Institute’s Implementers program that helps companies embed their purpose throughout their value chain, also received Platinum (top) ranking from the Corporate Knights’ Social Purpose Transition Pathway” report. The United Way BC Social Purpose Institute would like to thank Coast Capital for their leadership and commitment to purpose and their sponsorship of the Innovator’s 4 cohort program.

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