Social Purpose and the Global Climate Strike

Social Purpose Institute is participating in the Global Climate Strike.

By Mary Ellen Schaafsma, Director, Social Purpose Institute

On September 27, my entire team will be leaving the office to join the nation-wide action to influence climate change policy. The Global Climate Strike, championed by youth and the fierce leadership of 16-year old Greta Thunberg, is an important moment for our planet’s history. And that’s no exaggeration.

The evidence and science are clear – we are running out of time to save the planet. Crises like the melting polar ice caps and extreme weather changes will affect the future of our children, with the earliest and most catastrophic effects on the most vulnerable populations in our communities. There must be a belief that we – as passionate citizens, consumers, and business leaders – can affect positive lasting change. Because we can.

At the Social Purpose Institute, we are laser-focused on helping to grow business for good. And when we say “for good,” we mean forever. We envision a world where social purpose businesses are co-creating thriving communities, with infinite possibilities for collaboration and societal impact. This type of impact is ingrained within the DNA of all the companies we work with throughout our programs.

But this vision means nothing if the community we are co-creating is steadily destroyed by a collective lack of action towards climate change.

That’s why our team felt that it was imperative for us to take a stand and join the millions of concerned humans across the world who are taking action this week. The Global Climate Strike a social issue; one that affects every single person on the planet.

That’s why we’ll be out there – side by side with young people – calling on decision makers at all levels to take the climate change agenda seriously. And we hope that you can join us too.

Climate Strike

To find the Climate Strike event closest to you, visit: https://globalclimatestrike.net/#join

Mary Ellen is the Director of the Social Purpose Institute and United Way of the Lower Mainland. She is dedicated to fostering Social Purpose in businesses – across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley — to help companies benefit from the act of installing Social Purpose at their core, creating tangible and meaningful community benefits. Mary Ellen has a Master in Health Administration from the University of Ottawa and a Certificate in Social Innovation from SFU.

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