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About the Social Purpose Institute at United Way

In an increasingly turbulent world, having a compelling north star that benefits society, stakeholders and business creates a pathway to business and societal success. In fact, companies whose purpose is a core driver of strategy are more likely to realize successful innovation and consistent revenue growth than competitors.*

At the Social Purpose Institute, we offer a structured and supportive environment that will help you incubate, accelerate and scale social purpose as a way to drive both your business growth as well as your company’s potential for social good.

Our programs, workshops and services have been designed to help business leaders, like you, identify and leverage your organization’s core social purpose to create positive change in your community while building new value for your employees, customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders – all with a view to strengthening your business.

Join like-minded professionals for an intensive, interactive inquiry into the practical challenges of creating buy-in, defining and implementing social purpose in your organization. Discover how to fine-tune strategies, learn best practices and build new relationships with peers who share your vision of creating a better world through business.

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About United Way of the Lower Mainland

United Way serves the needs of our local community and ignites the desire in everyone to improve this community we call home. Through United Way you can mobilize people to address a local issue, collaborate with a network of partners to solve a problem, or give financially to support our programs that create life-saving connections for local kids and seniors.

United Way of the Lower Mainland has been piloting Social Purpose programs since 2016 and is a recognized leader in the field. We have the proven expertise, connections and ability to bring together all of our partners, across industries and sectors —  including the business community, non-profit service providers, government entities and leading experts to bring about positive, lasting change in our community. It’s part of how we show our local love.

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*Source: Harvard Business Review, 2015; http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/ey-the-business-case-for-purpose/$FILE/ey-the-business-case-for-purpose.pdf

Social Purpose Experts at United Way

About Us

Mary Ellen Schaafsma

A social purpose differentiates a business with its customers, is a source of innovation, and future-proofs operations. Being at the leading edge of this business advancement, you bring your company to a place of producing not only products, services and profits but a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Mary Ellen is the Director of the Social Purpose Institute and United Way of the Lower Mainland. She is dedicated to fostering Social Purpose in businesses – across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley — to help companies benefit from the act of installing Social Purpose at their core, creating tangible and meaningful community benefits. Mary Ellen has a Master in Health Administration from the University of Ottawa and a Certificate in Social Innovation from SFU.

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Coro Strandberg

Coro Strandberg is the Social Purpose Advisor to the United Way and President of Strandberg Consulting. She is a leading Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Purpose consultant in Canada — advising companies, industry associations and governments on strategies to integrate social and environmental impact into business models and management systems — stewarding businesses and communities to help build a stronger future.

About Us

Monika Marcovici

Monika Marcovici is the Social Purpose Strategist at the Social Purpose Institute. Monika’s career spans more than 20 years, with a focus on strategy. Monika identified her need to align her professional career with her sustainability values and built a client base of mostly environmental organizations such as Greenpeace International. Realizing that working with Environmental Organizations is only part of the solution, she has since expanded into the business community wherein she brings her understanding of best business practices within a sustainable framework. She holds a degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo.